Every Little Thing

Sometimes the tiniest step takes the longest time.
How long it takes can be daunting, at times depressing, but always worth being brave enough to take.
As a child, I loved tiny places … behind furniture, under bushes, the tucked in, hidden worlds of imagination and possibilities. Some were tangible, others existed in books, not all were beautiful; in every story, sadness and danger exist. I’ve held onto the bits and pieces of these places in memory through journaling, bits of prose, some poetry.

Reading my bits of writing at a library writing group. I felt they were small and insignificant, but was told “Every big thing is just a series of little things. Keep writing your little things and they will become something big.”

Beginning this blog is a way of honouring my journey, steps I’ve taken and those people who encouraged me to write. I will continue to write every little thing in hope they will one day become something amazing.